Day: December 14, 2023

Lawyers and Solicitors – Why You Need a Lawyer in ParramattaLawyers and Solicitors – Why You Need a Lawyer in Parramatta

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Lawyers in parramatta and solicitors are qualified professionals who specialise in different areas of law. They can offer legal advice, perform various legal tasks under your instruction and negotiate on your behalf in your best interests. They are experienced in representing clients in court and can assist you with various legal issues like family matters, employment disputes and criminal cases. They can help you resolve your dispute by mediation, arbitration and conciliation. However, if negotiations are unsuccessful, litigation may be the best option for you.

Family lawyers can assist you with obtaining a property agreement (prenuptial) and a consent order for child-related matters. These are written documents that allow you to determine in advance how money and property will be distributed in the event of a relationship breakdown. This can reduce stress and expense in the event of a separation, as well as protect your financial security.

Law and Order in Parramatta: Understanding Legal Services

If your matter involves a debt, we can assist you with obtaining a writ of property levy from the NSW sheriff. This will give us the authority to seize and sell the debtor’s goods, personal property, or real estate. This can be a very effective debt recovery strategy.

bblawyers and the team from Buckley Lawyers are very responsive, they always take time to listen and provide their professional opinions. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking quality legal services.