Day: January 1, 2024

Breathwork PractitionersBreathwork Practitioners

Often used as a tool to breathwork practitioners free of negative self-talk, breathwork is a holistic approach that helps foster physical well-being, mental clarity, and emotional connection. Breathwork practitioners help clients to explore heightened states of consciousness, facilitating spiritual growth and integration.

Generally speaking, breathwork involves intentionally controlling the way you breathe to directly influence your innermost workings, inducing relaxation and relieving stress. It can be practiced by anyone in a comfortable position, usually lying down or sitting. Practitioners may also use various techniques, such as alternate nostril breathing, rhythmic patterns and belly breathing.

Breath of Life: Embark on a Transformational Breathwork Course

This type of calming, mindful breathing can be done on your own, with guidance from a certified breathwork instructor or as part of a wellness program at a rehab treatment facility. In fact, breathwork is often prescribed as a mindfulness practice during drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

While it can be a great form of stress management, there are a few important things to consider before starting a breathwork practice. For example, some breathing exercises can cause a feeling of lightheadedness and dizziness. If you experience these symptoms, be sure to stop the exercise and consult with your healthcare provider before continuing.

If you want to start a breathing practice but are unsure of which techniques to try, check out BetterHelp’s directory of over 20,000 licensed therapists who provide online therapy for mental health conditions. Many of them will mention using breathwork as a part of their work with clients on their website.