Day: February 21, 2024

BC Bud Mail ReviewBC Bud Mail Review

bc bud mail

bc bud mail

BC has one of the bc bud mail vibrant cannabis cultures in Canada and you can enjoy this rich culture from the comfort of your own home by purchasing weed online. The convenience and wider selection of weed strains are just two of the many reasons to buy bc bud from an online dispensary.

In addition to the typical sorting by indica, sativa, and hybrid, BC Bud Supply also allows you to shop by flower grade – a very innovative feature that shows the company is keen on normalizing marijuana and educating its shoppers. Their site also displays the effects, medical uses, and flavours of each strain which is helpful in guiding shoppers.

From Farm to Doorstep: The Journey of BC Bud Delivery Explained

For customers looking to purchase larger quantities of weed, there is also the option to shop by weight. However, please note that the maximum amount of cannabis you can carry in public is 30 grams so be sure to keep this in mind when shopping.

Unlike private door-to-door deliveries, which were suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, the province has opened up recreational cannabis delivery to include a number of licensed stores that offer online ordering. However, the rules stipulate that orders must be made through a store and that customers must be 19 years of age to receive a delivery. It’s a huge win for the regulated industry and is likely to help curb illicit delivery services. Hopefully, this will allow private retailers to become more competitive and attract more consumers to their shops.