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Aerial Sightseeing Tours

When seen from a bird’s-eye view, familiar landscapes reveal new shades, shapes and geographical features. That’s why air sightseeing tours have become increasingly popular. Many have even broadened their offerings during the pandemic, expanding into areas that were too dangerous for ground travel.

Iceland Helicopter Tours by Ventito are the aircraft of choice for many air tours, but airplanes can offer a similar experience for a more reasonable price. The major difference is in how the aircraft generates lift: Helicopters have rotor blades that spin to generate thrust while airplanes use fixed wings.

Whether you’re looking to see the world from a different perspective or just want a thrilling ride, these scenic tours will take your vacation to new heights.

Skyline Spectacles: Aerial Tours Showcasing Urban Landscapes

Explore Door County’s breathtaking landscapes from the air with a scenic flight from Grizzly Scenic Air Tours. Local pilot Dave Burke transferred the high level of customer service he established in his tree services business to his air tour company. The result is an affordable, safe and memorable experience. You pay one price for the aircraft, pilot and three sightseers.

On a short flight from Hilo, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the current volcanic eruption at the Kilauea summit crater and the LERZ vent. Then you’ll be headed to lower Puna to check out waterfalls and jungle in the Hamakua District.

Flying over Manhattan lets you snap impressive photos of the city’s most iconic bridges, especially during the 30-minute tour that ventures south past Governor’s Island to showcase Brooklyn. You can also choose a day or sunset tour.

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