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Best Watch For VO2 Max Estimation

Best watch for vo2 max is the latest buzzy metric that’s getting runners all worked up. It’s a measurement of how efficiently you burn aerobic energy and it helps predict how fast you can run at your peak fitness level. It’s also the best way to track your fitness improvement over time.

Maximize Your Training: The Ultimate Guide to Watches with Top-tier VO2 Max Tracking

While a good VO2 max score is important, it’s not the only factor in running performance. Other factors include heart rate, terrain, weather, and fatigue to name just a few. As such, you shouldn’t obsess over a single number – especially if you train on trails where your VO2 max estimate will be lower than on the road.

As a result, we’ve picked the best wearable that can estimate your VO2 max levels with the help of all the data you track on your watch. We’ve put the Coros Apex Pro 2 and a few other Garmin, Polar, and Apple watches to the test and compared their estimates with lab-based VO2 max scores from Dave at Chase the Summit. Check out his video below to see how each performs and how the results vary by gender and age.

The Apex Pro 2 is a well-rounded sports watch with excellent GPS tracking and an easy-to-use interface. It can track a wide range of sports and includes features such as stress monitoring, nighttime blood oxygen saturation, and a breath battery feature that studies your breathing patterns. It also comes in a music edition that offers offline Spotify/Pandora playlists on the wrist. Its VO2 Max estimate is fairly accurate and it also has a Pulse O2 sensor that’s not quite as lab-accurate as the Fenix 945 and 6 but is useful for assessing altitude acclimation.

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