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Bird Hunting in Africa

bird hunting in africa

Until very recently, bird hunting in africa was considered a sport for the non-game hunters. Many PH’s had a 22 or 12 ga available for occasional shots at passing birds. However, times have changed and South Africa’s burgeoning wing shooting industry has made a name for itself among international sportsmen.

Several of the country’s leading outfitters now offer dedicated bird hunts, most often during June, July and August. This coincides with the peak season for both plains game and dangerous game safaris. A day or two of bird hunting can be easily tacked onto either and proves an excellent diversion for hunters on the ‘Dark Continent’.

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A wide variety of species are hunted including sand grouse, quail and francolin. The helmeted guineafowl (more commonly called guinea hen in the USA) is found throughout Southern Africa in grasslands, open savannahs and semi-arid areas. They require permanent drinking water, roosting trees and cover for their summer breeding season. They are most abundant in the grain crop growing areas of central and southern Africa.

Geese, such as the beautiful Egyptian and spur-winged geese, are shot in agricultural fields over decoys much like the waterfowl hunts conducted at home. The greywing partridge is also commonly harvested over staunchly-pointing German shorthairs. Various dove and pigeon species are hunted in corn and other grain fields.

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