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Custom Rub On Transfers

Custom Rub On Transfers are an easy way to add graphics, text or logos to product prototypes, models or any object that needs a professional look. Our dry custom transfers have a dry adhesive backing which can be precisely applied to smooth surfaces such as woods, metals, glass and painted furniture by simply rubbing them on. This process is ideal for quick visual prototyping and on-demand production with superior display quality. Recent clients include vintners who need elegant lettering and graphics to label sample wine bottles, automotive and aircraft hobbyists to mark up scale models and guitar makers to add branding and decorative elements to their instruments.

The Art of Application: Mastering Custom Rub-On Transfers

We are dry transfer (or rubdown) specialists who focus on producing custom rubdown graphics for architects, industrial designers, model-makers and art studios. Our dry decals are used for all types of applications including product prototypes, comps and mock-ups, art gallery and museum wall labels, exhibition placards, scale models, glass display case labels and more.

The term “dry” refers to the fact that these graphics are applied without water or solvents and adhere to a surface via a pressure sensitive adhesive. The graphical image is printed on a translucent sheet with a dry adhesive and then transferred to the desired surface by applying light pressure in a rubbing motion with a plastic ruler, stylus or craft stick. We offer a full range of colors to match your design, including any metallic shade you may desire.

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