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Finding a Construction Company in Madeira

Getting your construction project off the ground is a huge undertaking, and finding a residential construction company in madeira that you can trust to deliver on time and within budget is just as important. That’s why it pays to do your homework ahead of time, so you can find the pro(s) who are a good fit for your vision and needs. Start by narrowing your search in the Professionals section of Houzz to home builders who specialize in your type of project. You can also filter by price, experience, and other factors to find the best option for you.

AFA Group, madeira construction in 1981, is a business conglomerate with a consolidated international position and interests in various different sectors. Nevertheless, Civil Construction and Public Works remains one of its main activities, with significant presence in the Autonomous Region of Madeira and, internationally, mainly in Mauritania, Senegal and Angola.

Finding a Construction Company in Madeira

The City of Madeira is partnering with the Hamilton County Planning + Development Department and ODOT to construct an innovative traffic safety improvement at the intersection of Miami Avenue and East Galbraith Road in downtown Madeira. This project advances one of the key recommendations from the City’s first ever Comprehensive Plan completed in 2019. This project will improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity, repurpose excess roadway capacity for safety and calming purposes, install new sidewalks and utility lines underground and implement a decorative and functional streetscape to promote downtown Madeira. Click HERE to learn more about this exciting project!

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