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Posca Markers

A Posca Markers is a water based, poster paint marker, popular among professional artists and creative hobbyists alike for all kinds of self-expression and creativity. It is loved by graffiti artists, illustrators, calligraphers and many more for its saturated colours and versatility. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces, from paper to leather and even rocks, wood and metals.

The odourless water-based pigment ink dries like acrylic paint and the marker is waterproof and resistant. Its opaque and dense colour makes it easy to layer colours without smudging. It is perfect for embellishing or adding small details to a painting or drawing.

Introduction to Posca Markers

POSCA markers come in no less than 8 different varieties based on their nib sizes and shapes. The different nib sizes are intended for different types of art and surface use, and a variety of styles for different creative needs. Depending on the nib size you choose, you can create lines ranging from 3mm to 19mm. All the different nib styles allow you to add fine detail, bold outlines and much more to your creations.

The raw materials used to make a Posca marker generate waste and emissions, including wastes from paint application such as scrubber water, paint sludge and filters from air pollution control systems, and aqueous and solvent wastes from equipment cleaning. It is also important to note that Posca markers do not have refills, so once the paint runs out they are discarded and cannot be reused. However, the reversible and replaceable nibs can be replaced when necessary, so they are not completely wasteful.

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